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by Seiju Toda

Seiju, Toda, one of Japan’s leading art directors, is also a fine artist, influenced by such Western masters as John Cage and Jasper Johns. Perhaps his most remarkable work is his 1986-1991 series of unique photographic masterpieces shot with X-ray film using an industrial X-ray machine as if it were a fine camera. They depict wooden constructions housing the remains of living creatures, but X rays, penetrating beyond what the eye can see, reveal what the constructions hide, capturing four dimensions-architecture, life, time, and the unknown-in images of mysterious, mesmerizing, almost metaphysical, beauty. Toda, the first fine-art photographer to use X-ray films and equipment in his work, has combined art and technology to reveal the dramatic beauty of “the invisible.”

Size:17" x 12"
161 pages / Hard Cover



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